A Day at the Beach

About The Artist

Inka is an award winning Metalsmith Artist that lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She works mostly with Sterling Silver, Gold and Enamels and transforms each into something quite amazing. Every handmade piece has its own story and she loves to share them. Her Enameled pieces are usually set into a unique Silver setting specially made to enhance the beauty of her work. She cuts her own stones and can choose just the right design for the feel and color of that stone. 


She studied art and design at Virginia Intermont College and Metalsmithing at Pensacola State College. Her passion for color and texture is apparent in her creative work.

 Inka sees beauty in all of God's creations; the rich colors and textures of nature, the senses all around us that we can see and feel. These things can be found in her designs and will bring comfort to your soul.