What People are Saying



" I just love my ring.

Everyone always compliments on how beautiful it is."


"Beautiful unique pieces! It's obvious your heart and soul goes into creating each one.”


"Love, Love, Love my Horse-eye necklace, and the other two items.  Your creativity and the quality of your work is just awesome!"

"Your painted enamels are my favorite. They are so much fun especially your "Stressed Out" Collection" 

"Quality and Customer Service

She had beautiful handmade jewelry, and I enjoyed doing business with her and her husband.”


"Great workmanship. My necklace is so unique and beautiful"

" I've been seeing your work from time to time over facebook and admiring it. You are a fabulous artist. I love to be able to view your work."


"I have watched your work go from good to the professional look that is has now. You have worked very hard and it shows. Your work is just amazing!" 

 "I really love how you use vintage cabochons and dies in your work"


"An education in each piece. Beautiful artistry.”